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  • COLLECTION OF COLORED VEGETABLES AND FRUIT - a set of precisely reproduced vegetables and fruits in the box will make it interesting playing at home, at the store or in cooking; vivid and juicy colors will attract the child's attention and encourage them to play .
  • POSSIBILITY TO CUT AND RECONNECT - thanks to the 2 knives, a board and internal magnets included in the set you can cut articles in half and some even into more pieces! Later reunite with each other, which undoubtedly diversifies the fun. The set also includes an imitation peeler .
  • AFFECTS CHILD'S DEVELOPMENT - the toy not only makes it possible interesting and joyful time , but also affects the intellectual development of a child and an increase in his motor (movement) skills ; develops imagination and stimulates creativity , as well as teaches cooperation in a group and improves social and integration skills; it is useful not only in recognizing the names and shapes of vegetables, but also in learning colors and counting.
  • PORTABLE - The set has a box, which makes it easy for a child to take it take with you to kindergarten, to a friend or to the garden; it is small and does not take up much space, so we can easily take it on a journey . All elements fit in the box, making it easier to keep order.
  • SPECIFICATION - age: 3+; number of elements in the set: 34; dimensions (length / width / height): 23.5 / 26 / 6cm; set weight: 0.96 kg; weight with packaging: 1.12 kg.


  • age: 3+
  • number of elements in the set: 34
  • dimensions (length / width / height): 23.5 / 26 / 6cm
  • set weight: 0.96 kg
  • weight with packaging: 1.12 kg


  • box
  • knife x2
  • peeler (imitation)
  • cutting board
  • tomato - 2 items
  • pear - 2 items
  • cucumber - 2 items
  • lemon - 3 items
  • fish - 2 items
  • onion - 2 items
  • kiwi - 2 items
  • carrot - 2 items
  • pumpkin - 2 items
  • watermelon - 4 items
  • broccoli - 2 items
  • eggplant - 2 items
  • orange - 2 items

A set of colorful vegetables and fruits in a box it is a great complement to the fun for little chefs who love to play at home, shop or cooking. Children like to observe adults, and the set will enable them to do so. It will allow you to play roles from an early age and will fulfill an educational function.

Unusually "tasty" and colorful collection of imitations of vegetables and fruits has been precisely made, and their vivid and juicy colors affect the aesthetic value, and thus attract the child's attention and encourage play.

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