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Baby Doll Boy 38cm

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Baby Doll Boy 38cm

For children, playing with dolls offers various advantages.
It allows them to convey how they feel about what they're going through. It's their companionship, their snuggle at night.

The doll prepares them for contact with other children for the rest of their lives.

While playing with their dolls, it aids in the cognitive development of children, as well as their modeling of family duties and contact with other children.
It aids emotional development and evolution.

It's about getting to know the world through dolls, to experience the world, and to find purpose in the care of their "baby."
They learn to care for their siblings by observing their parents do so, but they also learn to accept them because they will appear to them as a "living doll."
Playing with dolls promotes empathy, which is important for children's mental health, happiness, and success. Empathy means "taking the other's place," understanding why they do and behave the way they do, "feeling" them, and identifying with them.

As a result, children become more socialized and understand each other.
Playing with dolls helps them build sensory processing skills, which helps them process the cues they receive from their environment, according to research.

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